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Weave Magick with Us

There are many ways you can tend to the bountiful blooming of this collective garden. Thank you for all the ways you contribute your love. May this ecosystem thrive and all beings be deeply nourished.

1) Sign Your Membership Agreement

2) Join our Patreon

3) Make a 1x contribution to our GoFundMe

4) Register for upcoming events & classes

5) Share our fundraiser with allies

6) Donate items on our wish list (will be posted soon)

7) Attend events & temples regularly

8) Invite your friends to our events

9) Book events at the Temple

10) Practice Your Healing Art at the Temple

11) Book sessions with our Practitioners

12) Volunteer at the Temple

13) Assist with Rituals & Ceremonies

14) Email us with your prayers & inspiration

15) Email us testimonials about your beautiful experiences

share your magick, desires, inspiration, & gifts with us

Thanks for sharing! We always strive to improve.

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