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The Ministry of The Eternal Rose
A Private Ministerial Association

We are devoted to (re)awakening womb consciousness in the collective, embodying the Divine Feminine & serving the Great God/dess, so that all life on Earth may flourish & we can experience the full beauty and power of Love’s majesty.

We Imagine

We imagine a world in which humanity is living in right relationship with the Earth, walking the Beauty Way, in service to Love and the Circle of Life. We believe the best way to realize this reality is to cultivate & nurture a modern priestesshood of embodied feminine leaders, creatrixes & wayshowers, devoted to the Goddess, in shamanic apprenticeship with the Womb Mysteries, studying the codes of creation, practicing the ancient sacred arts and channeling the wisdom and medicine we need to guide us through the Great Turning.

Image by Roksolana Zasiadko


of the Ministry

Our Doctrine (in development)

I am the voice speaking softly.

I exist from the first.

I dwell within the Silence,

Within the immeasurable Silence.

I descended from the midst of the Underworld.

And I shone down upon the darkness.

It is I who poured forth the Water.

I am the One hidden within Radiant Waters…

I am the image of the Invisible Spirit.

I am the Womb that gives shape to the All.

By giving birth to the Light that shines in splendor.

-(Gnostic Text, Trimorphic Protennoia) Nag Hammadi Codex 13

We are a womb church - a mystery school - a temple - a portal - tending the spiritual heart of feminine shamanic wisdom for the collective good of all.

We believe the return of womb consciousness is the greatest revolution on the planet at this time. The womb has the power to birth & rebirth. The ancients looked to the womb for all their healing and redemption, and the feminine was honored as the throne of creation.

We recognize that as consciousness began to gradually shift to a heavenly orientation, the world psyche began to fragment, and the Earth Womb or underworld became hell. The separated masculine consciousness still knew it must travel the feminine wombways, but feared it may get trapped in there, and was tricked into dissociating, heading upward, avoiding the darkness, and coming out of connection with the body, with the feminine, with earth.

As womb consciousness returns, we are left with the legacy of the past five thousand years of disconnection from the feminine vibration - and are now being guided to pick up the fragments of the ancient womb religion(s) and begin to weave them back together again. In doing so, we are weaving our own fragmented souls back together, remembering and reclaiming the lost feminine knowledge that has been banished for too long.

We acknowledge that the spiritual traditions born in this patriarchal era have lost touch with the womb cosmologies, especially within the female body. Our true spiritual gifts can only flourish when grounded firmly in the fertile soil of a mother consciousness that honors the human mothers that birth us and the Earth Mother that sustains us. This recognition goes far beyond simple balance and rights for women, but this pilgrimage into the womb is a journey back to love, to wholeness, to the root of all creation.

As a web of awakening wombs, we are birthing a new earth into being. Together we can heal the inner and outer wasteland and return it to love. For we recognize that the womb is the radiant darkness that not only births creation, but also holds the secret power of spiritual rebirth.

The ancient and timeless Womb Mysteries are a path of love, a returning to the harmony of the way of Nature, with the dreaming of Gaia, with life’s vast benevolence, with Creator’s deep and tender love, and with the wild, untamed creative flows and cyclical rhythms.

Feminine conscious is weaving a new way into being, and inviting us to step through the magic doorway to be part of the great change - to become conscious co-creators of a beautiful new reality.

We believe we are now in an age where there is an unprecedented and urgent need to remember the feminine face of God. But we feel Great Creator Womb is both a mother and father - as she holds both feminine and masculine poles within and is also beyond the realms of opposites, which are birthed from her Mystery.

The feminine dimension is an enchanted realm of paradox and miracles. Our current world is withered to the Truth of the feminine, as she so often unravels our most cherished certainties.

We recognize these ancient ways as something beyond a matriarchal goddess religion, but rather a deeply embodied womb cosmology, a spirituality that celebrates creation. We acknowledge the universal womb, and the Big Bang that generated our cosmos was actually a Big Birth. The macrocosm of the cosmic birth process is mirrored in the microcosm of the human experience - as above, so below.

In our tradition, we believe that the gifts of the womb do not belong to women alone; but are divine blessings for the community, to be protected and cherished by men and people of all genders, whose love and physical union contribute to fertilizing and activating the womb-hearts of creation.

We follow in the footsteps of the cultures of old, where the vulva, womb-belly, and breasts of women were celebrated as sacred - containing the power to create & nourish life - serving more than just a biological function - but also as mystical sexual-spiritual portals into many dimensions of consciousness. We celebrate the yoni as a gateway to heaven, a doorway between the worlds, and the source of life, both literally and metaphysically. And we celebrate the lingam as a key to unlock this cosmic gateway, fertilizing the garden of infinite potentiality so that it may bear fruit. We honor this harmonious duality and their sacred union, as agents & expressions of divine Love and Creation. And in this way, we honor, celebrate and restore the sacredness of our body, reclaiming the innocence and purity of our sexuality, and bless the feminine in all beings - so that we may again live in harmony, peace & elegant co-creation with Nature’s beautiful cycles of regeneration - in service to Life itself & the generations to come. In this process, we shall cleanse, heal, release & alchemize the thousands of years of toxic religious shame & guilt cast on these vital & sacred aspects of our humanity that has been weaponized for social & spiritual control.

We offer a space for pilgrims to come for shamanic initiation into these forgotten mysteries, and where the awakening priestesses can practice their mystical rites - a place for shedding, renewal & reformation - a place to commune with the Deep Self, The Silence & The Mystery in community. To foster a space to explore & come back into relationship with the feminine face of God - to support matrilineal healing at the deepest level, so that our human family can be well once again. Through our collective oracular imaginings - we are tending this sacred (re)birthing portal as a place of communion - a temple - a bridge to Heaven - a corridor of magick through which we will reweave the mystical into the mundane, and reconnect with our divinity. We are here to serve enlightenment through the feminine - to support a Womb Awakening in the collective consciousness.

We aim to nurture the womb priestesses & priests of our ministry, as weavers of magical, energetic “wombs of light” that serve as healing containers for spiritual transformation of the collective. Where the exquisite beauty of our magical healing touch & embodiment bring our pilgrims alive. These chalices of awakening are woven with rituals of beauty, pleasure, love, emergence, baptism, sacred water rituals, renewal & earth-based spirituality. Through our shamanic rites and ceremonies we are birthing a collective and felt sense of stability, peace, interconnection, belonging, love, optimism, bliss, strength and courage in the body-mind so that our congregation can withstand & navigate the shamanic descents and ascents of consciousness the psyche will undergo in this time of the Great Turning with resilience, resource & fortitude.


Our ministry is a place where female & male (all gender) initiates can enter the feminine dimension of love and rebirth. By awakening into Womb Consciousness, initiates may embody the creative cosmic powers and birth, shift and transform realities in the frequency of love. Collectively, we hold a profound respect and honoring of all life-forms, and work in harmony with the laws of creation - aligning ourselves to nature and the feminine wombtime reality.

As a ministry of womb worshippers, exalting the codes of creation, we pledge ourselves as guardians of the wells, springs, rivers, lakes and oceans - as water protectors. The web of wells across the world are is intimately interwoven and laced into the web of wombs, and the threads of living liquid light that make up the web of life. We acknowledge the direct symbiotic relationship between our inner and outer sacred feminine waterways and the need to honor the sanctity of the flowing crystal clear waters of Earth and her women. As womb priestesses and priests, guardians of the wells, water-protectors, we are devoted to restoring the crystalline living waters to our world, and to tend, protect and revitalize the magical threads of the multidimensional womb and her etheric life-giving rivers of quantum feminine energy.

The ancient feminine cosmology we are practicing follows and harmonizes with celestial cycles, lunar and solar rhythms, & seasons of the land. This wisdom is a living sacrament, felt in the body, expressed in relationship, embodied in community and celebrated in harmony with Earth.

We honor the sacred texts of Womb Awakening & The Magdalene Mysteries as scripture, and living transmissions guiding us, pointing us toward the Truths we may realize & experience directly, in the ever unfolding path of direct gnosis & communion with the Mystery at the Fountain of Life, so that we may “know thyself”. And as part of this realization of gnosis and spiritual communion with the wombs of creation, we revere, pray & study with the sacraments of ancestral darkness medicines, in meditations and ceremonies, gifted to us from Mother Earth & passed down from the wisdom keepers of the various lineages of our indigenous brothers and sisters. We believe that our own inner feelings and soulful intuition - flowing though a deeply rooted listening connection with the wisdom of the earth - are our most reliable spiritual guidance. And we place a high value on honoring the wisdom, medicines, lifeways, homelands, and ancestral teachings of the lineages of people who still live in deep daily communion with the Earth, our ancient mother that teaches & guides us, giving generously of her body & heart to sustain us. And we look through a shamanic rose lineage lens to the relationship of Jesus Christ & Mary Magdalene as a template of divine love, embodiment, awakening & sacred union in service to humanity & our collective self-realization.


The Ministry of the Eternal Rose is a womb church, feminine mystery school, and shamanic portal devoted to (re)awakening womb consciousness in the collective, embodying the Divine Feminine, and serving the Great God/dess. We believe the return of womb consciousness is the most vital evolution occurring on the planet at this time, and we offer our seekers various pathways for shamanic initiation into these forgotten mysteries. Our ministry is focused on creating experiences of direct spiritual gnosis for our congregation in addition to uplifting the awakening priestesses who are devoted to the Beauty Way, & nurturing a new era of embodied feminine leadership to guide our world & communities into a higher order of harmony & a deeper expression of wellness. We are reawakening & practicing ancient mystical rites & rituals to support feminine & matrilineal healing at the deepest level so that our human family & Mother Earth can be well & flourish once again.

We are weaving a new way

stitching together the lost ways

Spinning new worlds from our wombs

Dreaming back the wild edges of our souls

Calling forth that which has been lost

We are women of the womb

Maddened by love into action,

We are men of the heart,

Softened into surrender,

Afraid only of not feeling,

We are thinking in a web,

Your thread holds mine together

We are tale-weavers and troubadours,

Birthing stories to steward our becoming

Telling the words that were broken,

Singing the songs of longing.

We are weaving a new way,

Gathering the thread of pain,

Spinning it back into gold.


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