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Practicing Right Relationship

NOTE: this is an evolving declaration & commitment

Here on these coast Salish lands upon the bones of the ancestors of the Dxʷdəwʔabš (Duwamish) people, we make a solemn promise, a commitment, to learn, practice & teach the ways of Right Relationship. We recognize this commitment is a serious one - one that requires conscious thought, word, & action. We acknowledge that we have much to learn and so humbly we begin where we are, with our hearts open, asking permission from the ancestors of these lands to be here in a good & sacred way.


Reciprocity one of our core values. We recognize a tremendous amount of unlearning & repatterning must be done to deeply & authentically embody Reciprocity in a pre-colonial way. Existing in the colonized world, in a context of life that currently requires money, we feel a deep importance to treat money as a sacred energy exchange, as well as to give back & share our power in service to the collective good & our immaculate planet. We aim to live from a place of honoring our inherent interconnectedness, striving to creatively cultivate everyone-wins scenarios, and to do our best to prevent & mitigate harm, giving ourselves & each other Grace as we learn & fumble along the way. Beginning by making our daily choices more conscious & aligned with our values, we also feel called to give back & share some of the prosperity we collectively generate with a few organizations dear to our hearts. 


Our Ministry has been deeply blessed to receive teachings from Indigenous Wisdom-Keepers that we integrate into our daily walk, & the offerings we share here at the Temple. We believe honoring indigenous Wisdom traditions if of the upmost importance at this crucial time, as the fate of humanity rests upon both our individual & collective choices at this pivotal moment in human history. We are grateful to our teachers, the medicines and the Earth for continuing to show us how to walk the Beauty Way. May Indigenous peoples & lifeways around the world be henceforth & forever protected & honored. May we do our best to make right, the wrongs of the past, here in the present, with humility in our hearts. May we all remember we are of this Earth, decolonize, rewild & (reindigenize) ourselves to the lands upon which we live through deep & honoring communion with the Land, its seasons, soil, medicine, plants, Spirits, and its original peoples.  


Recognizing the interconnectedness of all things - all our relations - we strive to walk our lives in a conscious way that protects the sacred circle. ⭕️ As practitioners of a womb-based & earth-based "religion" we recognize that the fertility of this planet macrocosmically reflects the fertility of our women & vice versa. Earth my Body. Water my blood. Air my Breath. & Fire my Spirit. If we want to birth healthy humans, they have to brew in vibrant crystalline waters for those 9 precious months in the wombs of their mothers. But if the waters we drink are contaminated & and the food we build our bodies from, grows from  poisoned soil & polluted earth, so too, will our bodies become toxic. So we are here to reawaken our knowing of how to treat all things with this sacredness of I am You, You are Me, and We are One. Of how to honor the sacred responsibility to tend this Earth, & our bodies in a good way - our sacred Temple. May we remember & practice these forgotten ways here at the Temple of Sacred Arts.


Our Private Members Association basically allows us to create our own little micro economy. By conducting our "business" in the private domain as an Unincorporated Ministerial Association, we get to be creative about how we approach & share money, resources & talent. One way we want to support the prosperity of the members of our association, is by leveraging economies of scale to subsidize the costs of doing business for our practitioners. One way this manifests is through a commitment to keeping the suggested donation for room rentals as low as possible, to keep as much of the money our practitioners earn from their offerings in their OWN pockets as possible. We want our practitioners to thrive. We believe that people that are well-resourced financially have the privilege of making healthier life choices, which we want for all of us. Additionally, we encourage our hosts & practitioners to offer sliding scale options to create greater accessibility for members/participants & financial sustainability for the organizers & practitioners. AND, we set up our membership model on a self-select love donation basis to further anchor us into the Gift Economy. We have some other ideas as well that are still incubating, so stay tuned.


A core aspect of Womb Awakening is both Sovereignty & Radical Self-Responsibility. Sovereignty is about reclaiming supreme power over ourselves, hence radical self-responsibility. "What is that?" you might ask? What makes it radical? 




  1. Arising from or going to a root or source; basic.

  2. Departing markedly from the usual or customary; extreme or drastic.

  3. Relating to or advocating fundamental or revolutionary changes in current practices, conditions, or institutions.


Radial Self-Responsibility means you are deeply, EXTREMELY accountable for yourself to yourself - for your emotions, your reactions, your thoughts, your behaviors, your impact, your choices, your experience, everything & anything arising or emerging from you.


Radical Self-Responsibility is radical because it poses a threat to abusive power structures - in effect it neutralizes power imbalances, which makes it inherently revolutionary / radical. It is RADICAL because it gets to the root, the core foundational crux of the issue & helps us reclaim our power. It is radical, because it verges on being a little non-sensical because it is so extreme. We practice radical self-responsibility because it gives us our power back, it is us acknowledging ourselves as the Creator/Creatrix of our reality. Radical self-responsibility has the power to be the death of victim consciousness, if we can strength our self-awareness, spiritual fortitude & conscious discipline in this vital practice. 

We believe radical Self-Responsibility is required if we want to be in right relationship with each other, and is a foundational agreement at all MER Temple events. AND this core value has deeply informed our choice to found this Ministry. 

By becoming a PMA (Private Members Association), we are embodying our sovereignty by becoming our own Supreme power rather than deferring to the State to govern us. We are a self-governing entity, operating in the private domain via common contract law, which liberates us from subjugation to governance structures that are in conflict with our Constitutional & Universal Humans rights, to Assemble, practice Free Speech, practice the Freedom of Religion, etc. 


We have many teachers we would like to thank & acknowledge. We will be adding them here in the coming weeks. But it cannot go without mentioning our deepest thanks to Seren & Azra Bertrand Ph.D for being such instrumental teachers and catalysts for this becoming. Thank you for curating & channelling the masterfully crafted texts, we hold so sacred in our Ministry.

- Womb Awakening

- The Magdalene Mysteries 

These books have changed our world.

Several of our MER practitioners & members are actively studying with the Academy of Oracle Arts, giving special thanks to our teacher Isis Indriya. 


We have many to thank for this moment. We offer our gratitude to:

  • the the many hearts who have been apart of the Sacred Embodiment Center & donated their time, talent & treasure. Shout out to Happy Humanimals!

  • Sheri Garzelli, the former steward of the Sacred Embodiment Center

  • to our spiritual teachers & guides

  • to Grandmother Medicine

  • to this sacred land, the directions, and the elements

  • to Amber of Alighten Ministries for going the extra mile to help us found our PMA

  • to our priestess sisters for collaborating on our prayer video

  • to Jordan Lyon for being a masterful web weaver & a devoted ally.

  • to Isabella Grazia for helping seed the energy of this prayer

  • to our families for their undying support

  • to the California Moondance, for helping dance this prayer into existence.

  • to Dylan Clissold for donating his videography skillzzz to our prayer video & Rose Temple photos (and Monique for inviting us to co-hold the Rose Temple & sharing the photos with us.) 🌹 

  • to all of our campaign contributors

  • to all those cheering us on. 

We love you & we thank you. 

More will be added soon.

Thank you for reading about the values, ethics, & beliefs of our Ministry.

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