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OurVision Board
for the Temple of Sacred Arts
a feminine-led Temple for healing of all beings

Our Intention

The Temple of Sacred Arts is here to create an inspiring sanctuary for the body & soul - a ceremonial space supporting the growth and prosperity of rising community leaders & medicine carriers in the creation of a holistic & embodied wellness culture.

The Temple of Sacred Arts is a portal, an initiatory space, for our local community to explore the Great Mystery, commune with the Divine, and contribute to the blossoming of our humanity.


We want our members to have a space they can count on to access deep healing, a loving sense of belonging, spiritual growth, ancient wisdom, & a deep reverence for the Sacred.

Inspiration from Around the World

If you haven't noticed yet, this (re)awakening & cultural emergence is a global phenomenon. We're just doing our part to anchor our unique puzzle piece here in Seattle. 💕 


help us manifest this vision

thank you for helping us anchor this wild & ecstatic prayer into reality.

let's reimagine the realm of possibility.

& dare the Universe to show us just how magickal Life can get. 


1) Sign Your Membership Agreement

2) Join our Patreon

3) Make a 1x contribution to our GoFundMe

4) Register for upcoming events & classes

5) Share our fundraiser with allies

6) Donate items on our wish list (will be posted soon)

7) Attend events & temples regularly

8) Invite your friends to our events

9) Book events at the Temple

10) Practice Your Healing Art at the Temple

11) Book sessions with our Practitioners

12) Volunteer at the Temple

13) Assist with Rituals & Ceremonies

14) Email us with your prayers & inspiration

15) Email us testimonials about your beautiful experiences

Image by Chris Ensey
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