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a modern goddess temple
& community ritual space,
serving the Divine Feminine
& the healing of our planet,
by healing the hearts & bodies
of our community,
& reconnecting us to the Sacred.

the temple of sacred arts


neo-tantra . esoteric teachings . somatic healing . sacred sex education . spiritual wellness . ancestral & earth-based wisdom . embodiment .  ritual & ceremony . temple arts . community magick . pagan holidays . & more!

Answering the Call

The Ministry of The Eternal Rose has birthed The Temple of Sacred Arts.

As Priestesses of this dawning Golden Age - we are sisters rising in our Love, Truth & power - devoted to serving the Earth, the prosperity & wellness of our community, & the liberation of all beings, in this precious & pivotal moment of our collective metamorphosis.

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Tune into theVision

We imagine a world

in which humanity is living in right relationship with the Earth,

walking the Beauty Way, in service to Love and the Circle of Life.

Our Temple Keepers 

Listening deeply to the Mystery, opening ourselves as channels & birthers for this collective prayer to be born, materialized into form, in service to the divine feminine awakening in all beings, for the healing, empowerment & upliftment of our community. We are honored to be your temple keepers, midwifing of the rebirth of Sacred Embodiment Center, & its blossoming into the Temple of Sacred Arts. 

We've founded an unincorporated Private Ministerial Association, to steward this Temple, as a means of creating a safe space & environment of radical Freedom & Sovereignty, for members to claim their rights & the liberty to heal, pray, gather, & express themselves with as much authenticity, embodiment & love, as they so desire.

"Feminine conscious is weaving a new way into being, and inviting us to step through the magic doorway to be part of the great change - to become conscious co-creators of a beautiful new reality."

- Seren & Azra Bertrand

This Month at the Temple

Tantric Datenight
Community BodyLove Temple L2
Sensual Awakening
Ostara Couples Day Retreat
Love Thyself Embodied Woman
Medicine Drum Making Workshop | March 17
Image by Polina Kuzovkova

Become a


We have moved our community into the Private domain, which means we have become a private member association to fully embody our Sovereignty claiming our Constitutional & Human Rights to gather & pray, exercising our freedom of speech & assembly in the ways we feel guided by Great Spirit to do. Please complete your membership registration to gain access to our private member events, ceremonies & services.

Become an

Answered Prayer

We are rising as embodied love leaders, here to restore the sacred circle & cultivate a culture of care & wellbeing for all. If you want to support our priestess team in manifesting this vision in the most beautiful way possible, please donate to help us create this sacred temple to uplift us all, & weave yourself into the magick. We're eager to dance with you, beloved.

Image by Katerina Niuman
Image by Annie Spratt

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